Diving Centre in Portimão We are a Diving Centre of idealized and conceived from divers to divers. Our operations are placed at “Praia da Rocha Beach" in Portimão - Algarve, starting from which we accomplished all trainings and diving trips. 

We also have facilities in Lisbon, for theoretical classes only, where we can have training sessions during the week and can schedule in the evenings. The classes’ practices are accomplished in our Dive Centre in “Praia da Rocha Beach” during the weekend.

Please contact us to have your Dive Guide of the Algarve. Dive into our site and discover what we have to offer!

Check our main books and guides

  • Dive Guide

    Dive Guide of the Algarve

    This first edition has 50 dive sites along the Algarve coast, from the Cape St. Vincent to the border with Spain, divided into three main zones: Windward, Centre and Leeward. Dive Guide of the Algarve
  • Algarve Sea Slugs

    Algarve Sea Slugs Gudie

    The guide is intended as a help for all those who want to learn more about the sea slugs species that can be found in the Algarve, this guide helps its identification.
    Algarve Sea Slugs Guide
  • Fahrenheit

    Book Fahrenheit 1759

    This book describes, reconstructs and analyze the naval battle fought for more than two centuries in the Algarve sea from a French fleet coming from Toulon, the Mediterranean, and a British fleet out of Gibraltar.


  • Species Identification

    Field Guide - Species Identification

    Underwater slates of species produced and published by IPIMAR. This is a bilingual guide (English and Portuguese) intended to be used underwater - during the dive. The guide contains 160 printed photos.


  • Underwater Species

    Underwater Species Guide

    With this work we aim to provide the readers with a guide of marine species living in the Portuguese Coast, it is giving emphasis to those observed in diving trips using diving equipment or apnea.



  • Initiation

    - Confined Water Trial Dive
    - Open Water Trial Dive
    - Confined and Open Water - Combi
    - Underwater Games for Kids
    - Closed Circuit Rebreathers

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  • Recreational

    - Open Water Diver
    - Advanced Open Water Diver
    - Rescue Diver
    - Divemaster
    - Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver

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  • Especialidades
    - Nitrox Diver
    - Dry Suit Diver
    - Night Diver
    - Peak Performance Buoyancy
    - Species Identification
    - Deep Diver
    - Digital Underwater Photography
    - Wreck Diver

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