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Dive in the Algarve - SafelyOur major concern is the safety of our clients and our people. We have not spared our investment to ensure that we have maximized the safety and minimized the risks associated with the services we provide. Our concern for safety is also reflected in the way we conduct our business. It is one of our core values, which drives our behavior in the market, and extends to all the sets of equipment and safety systems that we have in our organization.

Dive in the Algarve - SafelyIt is further reflected in our policies and procedures, the quality of our diving equipment, our breathing gas mixtures production system, the way we conduct our diving and our emergency system and procedures.

In the following paragraphs we explain succinctly the main factors that allow us to offer our clients safe, comfortable and relaxed dives, and to give our people the medium and environment to work safely.

Our Values and the Safety

Dive in the Algarve - SafelyThe concern for our clients and employees safety is part of our values and principles. Under no circumstances, economical, commercial or technical issues will put safety aside. Safety will never be compromised.



Subnauta Diving Training Centre in the AlgarveOur policies and procedures strictly adhere to the directives of the decree-law n. 16/2007 and the European norm EN -14467 that defines the requirements for diving service providers.

Subnauta Diving Training Centre in the AlgarveIn addition we have specific Policies and Procedures to ensure the safety of our clients and our people. Our activity is covered by General Liability and Disability insurances. Nevertheless, all students and diving centre users must have a personal diving insurance to dive with us. Furthermore, all our clients may not exceed their certification limitations under any circumstance.



Dive the AlgarveAll our equipment is designed and built with compatible materials and cleaned for oxygen usage.

Dive the AlgarveAll our diving equipment is CE certified and subject to regular servicing and rigorous performance controls. All sensitive equipment like regulators, BCD's, gauges, valves and cylinders are cleaned and subject to inspection after each dive and serviced regularly.



Dive the AlgarvePrior to a dive, weather conditions are evaluated for safety. A briefing describing the dive route, hand signals, depth, dive time, dive entrance and exit procedures, emergency procedures, buddies, is given with the objective of providing all the necessary information for a safe and pleasant dive.

Dive the AlgarveDive masters will be present on all dives and divers are required to follows their instructions and guidelines. All divers have to sign the dive book confirming the breathing mixture they are using (oxygen and helium analyzers are available to all divers) prior to the dive, and depth, dive time and bar consumption after the dive.

At challenging dive sites, divers are required to use radio locators that can be activated should they surface at an unexpected distance from the boat.



Dive the Algarve with SubnautaThe breathing mixtures supplied to our clients are produced to high quality standards and follows the ANDI Safe Air requirements.

Dive the Algarve with SubnautaThe mixtures are periodically submitted for quality analysis by independent laboratories. Our production system is made up of top quality compressors, ANDI blending system, high performance filters and containment boxes to ensure safe fillings.


Breathing Gas Purity Standards

  Description Diving Industry
E Grade
  ANDI Standard
Carbon Monoxide 10 ppm 2 ppm
Carbon Dioxide 1.000 ppm 500 ppm
Water Dew Point n/e -50C
Gaseous Hydrocarbons 25 ppm 25 ppm
Condensed Hydrocarbons 5.0 mg/m 0.1 mg/m3
Solid Particles n/e 2 mícron

Emergency Systems

Safe Diving in the Algarve

All our boats have a pre-determined diving emergency plan for each dive site. The plan identifies, in detail, all the actions to be conducted in each of the possible emergency situations. The crew is properly prepared and subject to periodic updates training to act in any emergency situation.

Safe Diving in the Algarve

Our boats have multiple electronic navigation systems (GPS, Sonar, Radar, etc.), EPIRB, radio or satellite communication, MOB alarm and Diver Locator to ensure safe navigation and efficient rescue in an unlikely emergency situation.

Safe Diving in the Algarve

First aid and Oxygen kits are available in the Centre and on all our boats. We have a a medical protocol that is used in a DCS situation until rescue to the central hospital.

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