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Diving Filling Equipments

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAAll our equipment, cylinders, gauges, regulators and hoses are cleaned for oxygen according with strict European and ANDI norms. Even our valves are DIN M26, the European norm EN144-3 for Nitrox (enriched air mixtures with 22% to 100% Oxygen.

Our air is produced like if it was Oxygen and subject to the same strict quality and purity control norms as enriched air. All the components of our gas blending station system act as one to give the assurance of unparalleled quality of the breathing mixtures that we produce.

  • Compressor Bauer VERTICUS 5 - V500-11-5F at the Centre and PROFI-LINE II Mariner 320-E in Xu-Nauta, with the best filtering systems (CO2 AERO GUARD pre-filtering system and P-41 system from Bauer) that ensure a very high air quality in the storage bank.
  • Bauer air storage bank with 150 m3 capacity.
  • Nitrox and Trimix breathing mixtures produced with certified Aviation Oxygen and/or Helium 4.6 supplied by Linde.
  • Gas blending station with ANDI technology, Haskel booster pumps, central control panel, additional filtering systems and stainless steel piping system to ensure the production of breathing mixtures with higher standards.
  • Bauer containment fill station for safer fillings.

Subnauta Fillers Equipment

The Bauer assigns since 2011 the BAUER certificate PureAir Station for the produced air quality

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAAll mixtures are produced and delivered with grades higher than the standards established by the Portuguese and European legislation. We conduct quarterly analysis of the gases produced in a laboratory headquartered in the United States which allows us to assess the optimal functioning of the system and ensure the highest possible purity of our respiratory mixtures for the tranquility of our clients.

Our system with six levels of filtration eliminating monoxide and carbon dioxide, solid particles and excessive levels of humidity has always been below the maximum allowed by ANDI, the reference standard laboratory analysis, which is far more demanding than the European quality standards for respiratory mixtures.

Detailed results of the analysis reflected in a certificate by the Laboratory are available to our clients for consultation.

ANDI Oxygen Compatible Air Certification

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