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Diving Equipments

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAAll the equipment for the school and centre is Aqualung, Seaquest and Technisub with Suunto computers. Technical diving is offered with Aqualung, Apeks and DiveTec equipment among others. Semi-closed circuit rebreathers are Dolphins from Dräger and closed circuit rebreathers are Inspiration/Evolution with Vision electronics from APD. Compressors, air banks and containment fill stations are from Bauer and the gas blending station is mounted with control panels and technology from ANDI.

Subnauta Diving equipmentsThe equipment is reviewed annually and the tanks are inspected and cleaned for oxygen. BCD's are regularly cleaned, inspected and tested, on an annual basis or whenever necessary.

The regulators, high and low pressure hoses, gauges and computers are cleaned for oxygen and serviced on a regularly base.

The rest of the diving equipment such as suits, fins, boots, gloves and others are cleaned and inspected regularly being removed from service when they do not provide safety and comfort.

The following table summarizes the most important equipments that are available to our clients when diving with us:

Regulators Calypso, Legend e Apeks Norm EN144-3
BCD's SeaQuest Wave, Libra, Diamond, Apeks e DiveTec
Suits Sharm 6.5mm, Iceland 7mm e White Fusion
Fins Technisub
Masks Technisub
Snorkels Technisub
Gauges Aqualung
Compasses Aqualung e Suunto
Computers Suunto Gekko, Vyper 2 e VR3
Tanks Faber Steel 7 e 12 litros Norm EN144-3
Bailouts e Decos Faber de Aluminium 3, 5,7 e 10 liters Norma EN144-3
Technical Tanks Bis Faber Stell 12 liters Norm EN144-3
Rebreather Semi-closed (SCR) Dräger Dolphin 2013 Uwatec Electronics
Rebreather Closed (CCR) Inspiration e Evolution 2013 Vision Electronics
DPV 2019s Tabata SAV-7 e Dive X Cuda


Equipamentos de Mergulho Subnauta
Arrumação dos Equipamentos de Mergulho
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Arrumação dos Equipamentos de Mergulho
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Arrumação dos Equipamentos de Mergulho
Arrumação dos Equipamentos de Mergulho
Arrumação dos Equipamentos de Mergulho
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Arrumação dos Equipamentos de Mergulho

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